40Mm Grenade Launcher Legal

If you are like me, you may agree that grenade launchers in the hands of vulnerable young women with the will and ability to use them would likely lead to a decrease in the rate of violent crime in our great republic. While 40mm highly explosive projectiles may never be available to us mere mortals, it`s surprisingly convenient to add a live M203 grenade launcher to your personal gun collection. Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) makes the real mil-spec item, as well as many cool accessories. And unlike most defense contractors, the company also values the business of individual U.S. citizens. Have you ever dreamed of blowing your feet up under a gang of drug-trading thugs like Thomas Jane in The Punisher? Or predator follows with envy how Arnold Schwarzenegger illuminated the jungle of Central America? If so, you`re in luck: Colt Defense is bringing a handful of real standard M203 series grenade launchers to the civilian market for the first time. M-79 40MM Military Grenade Launcher M-79 mfg Grenade Launcher with all military parts on a registered receiver. This is a destructive device that can be passed on to any Class III dealer in the United States! The M203 was the only part of the 1960s Special Purpose Individual Weapon (SPIW) to be on active duty. Introduced in 1969 and delivered to U.S. forces in the early 1970s, the M203 combined the indirect fire capability of the grenade launcher with the aiming efficiency of an infantry rifle.

Grunts generally referred to the system as “platoon leader`s artillery.” The new 37mm civilian M203s are marked with official colt defense marks: “LAUNCHER, GRENADE M203 40MM”, followed by a unique serial number. The ArmsUnlimited list does not say whether the launcher will come with a sheet or quadrant remotely. These 37mm launchers are cool little pieces of conversation. I have a tactical havok of spikes back when they came out (M203 style, no side loader). Warning to anyone who wants to buy one: they are not designed to be loaded with deadly cartridges. The pipes were intentionally designed in such a way that they could not withstand the pressure of the fuel used for the launched egg bats (a range is required to mitigate the danger nearby, and these things will burst under the pressure necessary for a safe distance). Reloading chance can be pretty cool, and there are fewer than deadly options available for defense. Read more » The M-79 “Blooper” grenade launcher, my favorite weapon, USMC Vietnam 1970.

The M203 is a one-shot launcher that functions as a rifle with breaking action. A shutter release on the left allows the chamber and barrel to slide forward, allowing you to insert a round into the shutter. Once you`ve added the cartridge, just hit the barrel in place, just like you were driving a shotgun and it`s ready to shoot. The M203 is “part of a shotgun” and uses some of the gun`s components to operate. For example, there is no pistol grip for your shooting hand – for this you use the magazine of the rifle well. The device has a trigger and a gripping surface for the support hand. Which brings us back to LMT. This company is friendly, helpful and willing to sell its mil-spec equipment to us normal people, as long as the right rules are followed. LMT launchers can be purchased with 7-, 9- and 12-inch guns in versions mounted either around the barrel of the host weapon or via a standard forearm rail. If you don`t want to endure the DD headache, LMT will also sell you the finished pistol without a barrel as a standard title 1 firearm. This weapon is transmitted by any FFL, just like your favorite single-barrel shotgun.

At this point, you can legally equip the launcher with a 37mm gun or do the paperwork to register it as A DD and hit the mil-spec 40mm version. LMT also offers self-contained buttock stockings and pistol grip mounts, making the launcher the mother of all handguns. What is the real purpose of such a beast? This is a stupid question. We`ve all seen Al Pacino in Scarface. The DEVGRU boys who sent Osama bin Laden carried jerky and bulleted M79 grenade launchers, which they affectionately called “pirate rifles.” The FBI and Delta Force hostage rescue team are reportedly using the M203 with pistol grips, although I can`t confirm or deny it. Personally, I can`t think of a more convenient way to throw tear gas or smoke, and there are kicks to the buttocks that instantly place a door wherever you need it. Wow, this thing is cool. I had the M16A-1 when I was in the military and I really enjoyed photographing the M302. So now my only question is: Is it legal in Ohio? The LMT M203 is made of 7075 aluminum and measures a total of 15 inches, including the 12-inch barrel with smooth bore. The grenade launcher/torches increases the weight of your rifle by three pounds when installed.

When ordering this device, you should also purchase the right mounting kit for your specific rifle. In this case, we have already mounted it on the BRN-601 AR-15. The illustrated chain whip is a toy used in Wushu sports demonstrations. It weighs about 8 0oneces. A real one weighs about 2 pounds and requires years of training and hard work to be used safely. You have to be strong just to get started. Devastating weapon, but a gun is better, although stronger. I wore a Japanese-style Manriki gusari for decades, about 30 inches long with a 3-inch connection screw at both ends.

Very very fast and would leave an equally large depression in someone`s skull. Difficult to control, especially at high speed, but if you lose it and your enemy should pick it up, you might laugh if he fights with it. Could be made for about three dollars, so it wouldn`t be heartbreaking to throw one away if necessary. Silent except for the *blow.* Not visible in the dark, and your attacker is hit at a distance he believes is safe. I disguised mine as a key fob, with my key fob at one end, a police captain I knew told me it was completely legal until I hit someone with it. My ex-wife always wears one to my knowledge, and I bet a few of my former girlfriends do too. Katana swords are distinctive and deadly weapons dating back to feudal Japan in the 12th century, where they were originally used by samurai. Their notoriety in recent times has been greatly boosted by directors such as Akira Kurosawa and Quentin Tarantino, who have highlighted swords in some of their most popular works.

A distinction is made between the different periods of construction of the Japanese sword, which in turn can affect the legality of the blades. In Ireland, katana blades manufactured after 1953 (known as Shinsakuto) are banned. In 2008, blades over 20 inches long were banned in the UK after a series of attacks. In the United States, however, it is legal to own such blades; and in New York, for example, although it is generally forbidden to carry these weapons in public, there are exceptions. Here`s the bottom line. Welcome to America! No, you can`t add a real grenade launcher to your rifle, but you can legally get this LMT 37mm M203 and fire non-lethal projectiles, torches, smoke bullets and even fireworks. Be sure to enter to win this gun launcher pack under the links at the top of the page. The M203 underrun grenade launcher as offered for sale on armsUnlimited`s websitePhoto over ArmsUnlimited Molly`s hand slipped into the handle of the stripped-down M203 grenade launcher she was wearing in her custom Kydex thigh case. Her finger pushed the security forward as she fired the gun, centered it on the tall man`s chest, and stroked the trigger.

The grenade just had time to arm itself before impact. When the smoke cleared, all that was left was a pair of charred boots, a few scattered gold teeth and a steaming bandana from the gangbanger. The other two gangsters sprinted, their weapons thrown away and their pants wet. You can have weapon scads. You can have iron in your collection to deal with threats ranging from bad breath to a grid square. However, there`s a good chance you don`t have anything like it. LMT takes you into the launcher, and reloadableshells.com will keep it running. The M203 is a reliable crowd pleasure when two or more armed boys are gathered. Thanks to Dennis Todd, you can now pack it like an EDC weapon. May God bless America.

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